Wednesday, July 7, 2010 - A pointed way to sell your wares.

When I was in fourth grade, Denise Hoppenfeffer was giving a Show 'N Tell presentation on her bunny rabbit. She brought in the cage and everything. It smelled, soothingly, like cedar and, unsettlingly, like rabbit poop. I was in the back of the classroom and I kneeled on a desk chair, knee first, where some crafty fellow had placed a thumbtack so that maybe Jennifer Sylie would sit on it and yelp in shock. The tack sunk into my patella--I was sure it went right into the bone--but I didn’t yell out, screech, or make any fuss at all. It was my first instance of remaining stoic in spite of an emergency dogging my nervous system, this unexpected trauma of the kneecap. I swallowed the pain, said nothing, and pulled out the tack. I didn’t want to interrupt Denise’s Show ‘N Tell after all.

Well, this website is nothing like that. is a really cool way to get your name out for whatever micro-business you want to advertise--or big business even. For now, it’s free for you to post your skills, your experience, and build a network. Check out my Editing service on Thumbtack. Good luck on selling your wares; I’m sure Thumbtack can help.

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  1. FYI: Thumbtack isn't free. There is a fee for responding to the leads they send you. They would charge me $8.99 to respond to a lead, not per sale. This would add up to about $100 per $300 sale for me. This is way out of line.