Monday, August 17, 2020

"White Boys From Hell" by Jeffrey Skinner (2018)

I did begin in the humid accented hell of Long Island
I did lick salt from the ceiling of hell
I did drag friends and family to hell and back, some I left
I did cough blood on their hell faces
I did sing hell to get laid
I did decompose years in the dim-lit old man bar of hell
I did punch holes in the wall to see hell unimpeded
I did invent a torture porn hell
I did snort cocaine from hell's breast and thigh and pubis
I did bring hell with me to the stock exchange floor
I did bring hell burning beneath my clothes
I did bring hell to marriage
I did cut chunks of hell-meat to roast over white coals
I did put my thumb on entire continents for the sheer hell of it
I did make movies of hell to run backwards
I did crawl out of hell bleeding
I did drag my body across the surface of the sun
I did leave a good part of me in hell
I did understand: I chose
I chose hell   I am free   I can go back