Thursday, January 27, 2022


(Bayer-Day Happiness Index)*

The BDHI is assessed on a 10-point Likert scale with 10 being highest. The metric only applies to the very moment the assessment is made, inclusive of all concurrent variables impacting a person’s happiness. This entails environmental factors that affect immediate sensory perceptions such as comfort level (e.g., attending a conference in which the room is cold as fuck), general mood (e.g., annoyed by present company), and physiological status (e.g., well-rested, happily buzzed, remorsefully hungover, gassy, and so on). One’s BDHI assessment is subject to continuous fluctuation and volatility, as the reported score only pertains to the now.

Extreme psychometrics on the BDHI spectrum are: 1 = suicidal; 10 = ecstatic.**

*  The BDHI was developed by Chris James Bayer and Chet Robert Day circa 2021.

**   Bolth1 these scores on the continuum are very rare because they indicate a willingness to die (in the moment of crushing despair or nirvanic elation), but for opposite reasons.

CJB: “How are you today?”

Chet: “In what sense?”

CJB: “What’s your BDHI?”

Chet: “Oh. It’s about a 7.5.”

CJB: “Got it.”

1 Yes, bolth.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Nintendo Switch

I bought one, and it's magical.