Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pharma vs. Karma, Bro

So this is the second hot-topical post I'll post.
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Usually, I believe it is not healthy to rejoice in the disgrace of others, but I admit this development pleases me deeply. When you operate on that level of avarice and greed, a much bigger shark in the sea will eventually take a beefy bite out of your ass. This shark was the FBI, and guess who the little fishies were that told on you. Social media. Someone got pissed off, rightfully so, and dug deep. So here's the message to future Pharma Bros: Flaunting your Patrick Bateman-like expertise at getting rich will not help you in the digital era, scumbag. Does everyone know that your lawyer was ALSO arrested under these charges? 

Fuck you very much.

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