Friday, January 1, 2010

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

This blog will be replete with copyright infringement, from the title of this post to the image embedded within it.1 In fact, the very name of this entire blog was inspired by an animated dope-smoking towel on one of the world's most popular satirical cartoons. And hopefully the post title will bring a song to your mind by a woefully undervalued British band who was defunct before late 1987, in spite of their profound influence on modern music. I can't apologize for being a product of pop culture.

The dope-smoking towel was convinced that whenever he toked up for a fix he was magically imbued with a new sense of ingenuity and acumen. Every germ of thought in his pea-sized, two-dimensional brain suddenly approached Einsteinian relevance and magnitude.

I love irony, and sometimes I invite delusion. So since all my ideas are good ones, and I need a refinery for the crude pulp racing through my corpus collosum, I feel this blog name is fitting.

Stop me if you think I've gone way too far, because surely I will.

1 Having said that, the written contents of this entire blog are original works by the author, unless otherwise noted in text. All rights reserved.

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